A nice cup of coffee can save your day

person riding a bicycle during rainy day
Foto door Genaro Servín op Pexels.com

It’s cold outside and it’s raining. You have to get up and go to work, eventhough you’re still tired from the day before. You didn’t go to a party, you went to bed early and you woke up this morning more tired then you were before. The rain is pouring down your window, you sigh when you open the blinds.

Pouring rain

It’s already time for you to leave and you hastily grab your lunch and run outside to catch the bus. You don’t own a car so you rely on the public transport. It’s raining so hard now, that it hurts your face. You feel hazel hitting your head and you try to shield your face by holding your right arm above your head. Your left arm is waving at the bus driver.

Busy at work

You see the annoyed look at the bus drivers face. He looks a bit grumpy because he has to wait for you, as you almost jumped in front of the bus to “catch” it. You thank him and he snares at you, but you’re not listening. You’re already thinking of work. Today the invoices has to be send to all the clients, so it is going to be very busy. And then you have that important meeting with your boss about your work. You realize that you have nothing new to tell and that makes you nervous. You try to remember what you have rehearsed for this meeting. You close your eyes and you doze off.

Network error

“Dear ladies and gentlemen, due an error on our network this bus cannot drive any further”. You jump up and look around. “This is wrong, this is halfway my trip!”

Angry passengers are getting off the bus, so you follow. All passengers are directed to the train station. They had been told to wait for an other bus to pick them up.

You are getting cold and you forgot your gloves at home. After 5 minutes in the poring rain, you have difficulties with handling your phone while calling your boss that you will arrive later. “No problem”, he says. “Some colleges are working from home today”. So stupid, you could have done that too!

Nice cup of coffee

You could have stayed at home instead you’re trying to get to work but now you’re stranded halfway and feeling miserable. You join a silent group of people who were already waiting for the next bus to the city center. Every one is silent and some of them are looking depressed. One student was clinging on a warm cup of coffee. You smell the delicious coffee and you see the coffee corner at the end of the street. That’s what you need! A nice warm cup of coffee!

Next bus

You walk towards the coffee company. The people at the busstop are watching you leave. You don’t care if you miss the next bus, you’re already late. You step inside the coffee shop and the staff welcomes you.

You order a cappuccino. It’s nice and warm inside and you relax a bit. The waitress puts down a pretty looking cup of cappuccino, they made a nice flower in your cream. That looks and smells nice! And you got a block of sweet nougat. You chew on your treat and you see the bus passing by. The bus drives passed your seat at the window.

Everyone except you

Everyone got on that bus except for you. Your eyes crosses a man with a grey hat and a green raincoat. He smiles at you when he sees you sipping your coffee.

It’s no use to hurry anymore, you’re already an hour late, best is to enjoy, you think. Your jacket is almost dry when you’re finished.

Shocking news

Then the news draws your attention. “Breaking news, a bus crashed into a taxi this morning. Thirty people are injured and seven passengers are dead.” You freeze. You see the news flashes. You see a crushed bus and broken glass. Crumbled steel and chunks of glass on the ground. And then you see the grey hat. It lies on the ground between a lost shoe and a black stained backpack, while the reporter tells the story that all traffic is cancelled due this horrible accident.

The green raincoat

You stop dead in your tracks. You see the man with the green raincoat supported by some other people coming out of the bus. His head is bleeding but he’s still walking. The reporter tells more, due the heavy rain the bus driver lost control and crashed into a taxi that tried to switch lanes.


Your phone rings, it’s your college, she is so glad to hear from you that you can hear her it in voice, she is almost crying. “I was so worried that you were on that bus”, she cries. You tell her you should have, but you were lucky that you weren’t. You feel tears streaming down. You try to calm down. A waitress give you a napkin. And you’re emotionally sniffing uncontrollably when your boss tells you to take the day off and sends you home. At home you go to bed early. And from that day on, you will never forget that a cup of coffee can save your day or even save your life.

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