Flowermarket Amsterdam


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Welcome to our home

Welkom thuis,
Welkom in ons huis
Ons thuis
Zware dag gehad?
Doe je jas uit.
Trek je schoenen uit.

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Paragliding quote

paragliding at sea

The beauty of paragliding, watch this movie and be amazed…..

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Red leaves leaving bare branches

Pretty colored Trees Red, green, yellow Leaves Autumn Preparing For winter Transforming Leaves Leaving Falling down Released Let go Freed Fluttering Leaves Leaving Bare Branches Until Naked trees Remains Slumbering Surpassing Coldness To awaken For Spring

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Peppernuts and Pancakes

peppernuts chocolate

Today we went to Amstelveen. There we visited the Van Delft Pepernuts factory (Dutch spice biscuits) at buitenplein 81 in Amstelveen. The store was cutely decorated and the entire store smelled sweet!

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