Every day is Animal Day

This is our cat, Snoepie ( Candy in Dutch) and sounds like Snoopy. I love waking up to her cuddles. She talks to you when you’re finally awake, after an hour waiting patiently at the feet of the bed. And when you open your eyes she runs to you and starts cuddling your still sleepy face. And she purrs like a tiny motor engine. She makes us laugh, when she plays with her toys and runs around like a rocket. She jumps, destroys stuff when she’s playing, like a tiger she chases away mice, doves and other uninvited guests like my sister in law. No, just joking!! You know we love you Peach! Yes, Snoepie is an fine addition to our family. That’s why every day is animal day for us.




Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...