Postit in flowers without message

Lost messages

Walking around in Amsterdam City Center, you see a lot of garbage and lots of personal stuff lost on the ground. Sometimes you’ll find important possessions like an ID or personal transportation cards.

I know by now, where I have to go and what to do when I find other peoples stuff. I feel sorry for them that they were in such a hurry that they lost their card or wallet. Cause I believe in honest people, I believe in Karma and in doing good.

And I must admit, sometimes it’s like a challenge to find something (no not in some-elses pockets off course!!) lost on the busy streets of Amsterdam. And sometimes you’ll find some very personal things like notes and thoughts.

I leave them be, I just make a picture..

It’s like art…

Some memories lost and found in the streets of Amsterdam…..

message on the ground near the park

This note, on the damrak, it says:

“I am physically and mentally tired. I feel lonely and stressed since the birth of my child”.

And the “and” is misspelled in French, instead of “en” the writer wrote “et” which means and in English. It made me a bit sad. I hope she’s doing better now.

message on the ground central station

The next note was cute! This one I found on central station platform! It says:

“I am Tim :-)” 

Nice to meet you Tim! Good luck Tim!

And this was also funny.. In Amsterdam you need a bike to get somewhere. This person was lucky that some one else kept his bike safe:-)

message on bike

It says:

“Can the owner of this bike remove your lock please, you attached it to my bike” .

At least it’s secured:-)).

I will keep an eye on cute and funny things on the streets of Amsterdam and  I’ll be back soon with some new posts.

Love Suzanna!

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...