Muddy Angelrun Amsterdam 2019

Last Saturday May 15th 2019 in Spaarnwoude, the Muddy Angel run Amsterdam 2019 took place. It was fully booked and packed with happy, dancing, running, screaming and havingfunmuddy angels. Every year this event takes place in the woods of Spaarnwoude next to Amsterdam Central. This is a mudrun for the awareness of and the fight against breast cancer. So that’s why all tickets were sold out within a month cause everyone wanted to shine like an angel by doing good. And of course having fun with mud, water and each other. A par course of 5 km fun, water and MUD!

Some impressions

Veel mensen tijdens de Muddy Angelrun Amsterdam 2019
Waiting for the warming up
Muddy Angelrun Amsterdam 2019 Lange rij voor check in
Long lines for the check-in
Muddy Angelrun Amsterdam 2019 serious business warming up
Common ladies focus on your warming up now! LOL
Muddy Angelrun Amsterdam 2019  Ready to start Girl power
Go Muddy Angels Go!
Some rules before the run Muddy Angel run Amsterdam 2019
Good luck Girls!
On top of the slide

More Pictures soon!

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