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Peppernuts and Pancakes

Today we went to Amstelveen. There we visited the Van Delft Pepernuts factory (Dutch spice biscuits) at buitenplein 81 in Amstelveen.


The store was cutely decorated and the entire store smelled sweet! Dutch people love to eat peppernuts and pancakes.


After that we went to stadscafe pannenkoek. The pancakes were stuffed with fillings, I had apple, bacon and ginger filling. It was delicious but not melting hot as I would expect. And I understand that it’s a lot of work to keep the pancakes hot. But overall they were very tasty! Thinking back, it was a successful day with a lot of delicious foods!

Have a nice weekend! And see you soon at the next entry.

Love Suzanna

pancake apple ginger baconpancake apple bacon ginger inside

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