Spekkoek and Korean Noodles

Spekkoek and Korean noodles

Yesterday I went grocery shopping at the local Asian store in my neighborhood. I was greeted by a friendly Chinese lady at the counter. She waited patiently for me to get my groceries. I was struggling to make a decision as she sells a lot of tasty pastries and Asian snacks. Every time I step inside I end up with getting myself some noodles, prawn crackers, a bag of rice, or something very spicy. This time I bought 4 Korean spicy noodle soups and a pie of Indonesian layer cake called Spekkoek. Two pieces for me and two for my boyfriend. I’m a big fan of Spekkoek, this is going to be a delicous dinner with spekkoek for dessert!!



Spekkoek is a multi-layered spit cake and it tastes soft, a little bit sweet due the Indonesian spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, clove, anice and pandan. The green aroma has a typical smell. A bit sweet. And the noodles are spicy. I’m used to spicy food so be careful with these extreme hot noodles. You might trim the soup down with extra water so it won’t taste that hot anymore. The first time I had a bowl of these noodle soup, steam came out of my ears. But the more you eat the less spicy they will become. Just take your time with eating and you’ll get used to it. Yesterday I was so greedy I eat all my noodles, now I’m thinking about eating the two I bought for my boyfriend. No, just kidding! He would be so disappointed! It’s tempting cause the food I bought is so delicious. You should try some freshly baked Spekkoek too at your local Toko! Enjoy!




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