Het zoute orkest

In de lucht,
In de zon.
In het water,
In de zee,
In het zand
Op het strand,
Een mooi lied.

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Yep, we got lost😂

I was amazed by the skyscrapers and other tall buildings. Especially that at some points when you are walking around, you could see the water and different bridges. It was wonderful! I was so impressed I forgot to get homesick!

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Muddy Angel run 2019

Secure your tickets now for the muddy angel run in Spaarnwoude-Houtrak.
Common girls! Let’s have fun and support the fight against breast cancer. Now is your chance to shine as an angel!

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Good morning sunshine!

Wake up everybody! 

Let’s get up and start a new day. A new week with new opportunities. Common guys, don’t be so grumpy and get over the monday blues!

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Dertig meter waterval sprong


Mijn eerste sprong vanaf een waterval van 30 meter hoog was fantastisch. Wat kregen we op ons kop van onze ouders, mijn Tante en Oom Andy! Maar we hadden het toch gedaan, toen de volwassen even niet opletten.

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Spekkoek and Korean noodles

Spekkoek and Korean Noodles

Yesterday I went grocery shopping at the local Asian store in my neighborhood. I was greeted by a friendly Chinese lady at the counter. She waited patiently for me. She sells a lot of tasty pastries and Asian snacks.

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