Welcome to Suzannas World

As a little girl I was an imaginative and dreamy child. I am still small and still imaginative :-). Through my creativity and writing on my blog, I can tell people my stories and dreams.

To dream

Dreams give hope and an aspiration to work towards. Just like in real life, everyone needs it. Me too. I dream of sweet and cute stories. But also sad stories and poems. Just like in real life, it is not always fun. But keep your head up! I want to show you that with a bit of courage you can overcome your fears.

Overcome fears

You too can. Where you first dreamed of can become reality. You are only stopped by your fears. Overcome those and your dreams are getting closer! What a challenge, is not it?

Lifetime challenges

Life is full of challenges and overcoming your fears, life is one big adventure! At Suzanna’s World I tell about how I do that, ‘I’ll take you on my adventure.

Welcome to my world, welcome to Suzanna’s World!

Love Suzanna

I grew up with Jim Reeves!! His songs uplifted me when I was sad!

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...