Yep, we got lost😂

Chrysler Building view from the streets. New York has a lot of impressive tall buildings.

New York Wikipedia info

” The Chrysler Building is renowned for, and recognized by, its terraced crown, which is an extension of the main tower.[157] Composed of seven radiating terraced arches, Van Alen’s design of the crown is a cruciform groin vault of seven concentric members with transitioning setbacks, mounted one behind another.[201] The entire crown is clad with Nirosta steel, ribbed and riveted in a radiating sunburst pattern with many triangular vaulted windows, transitioning into smaller segments of the seven narrow setbacks of the terraced crown.[34][202] Due to the curved shape of the dome, the Nirosta sheets had to be measured on site, so most of the work was carried out in workshops on the building’s 67th and 75th floors.[20] “.

New York is BIG

I was amazed by the skyscrapers and other tall buildings. Especially that at some points when you are walking around, you could see the water and different bridges. It was wonderful! I was so impressed I forgot to get homesick🤣😂😎

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...